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Hello everyone! Since Feathers was added to the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, I’m pleased to announce a HUGE spike in downloads - almost 800 in one day! If you do read or play this game, a rating and a review help a lot, but more than that I want to hear from you! This game was a frantic passion project close to two years ago now, and I’m so curious to hear from other people about it. 

More importantly, keep fighting for what’s right! Stay informed, march, donate, and sign if you can, educate folks if you can’t, and take care of yourself and others! A better world is possible.

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I really enjoyed reading this!

Minor Issues:

-Page 4, the text for the Rebel runs into the general instruction text. I had to re-read it a few times to be sure "Follow the choice options for names" wasn't a Rebel thing, and even now I'm not completely sure.

-The game really leans on the players establishing something to have conflict with if they don't want the gamefeel to be slice-of-life. I'm not sure this is actually a problem, but a few sample scenarios would give more conflict-oriented groups something to go on.


Emotionally compelling GMless TTRPG about angels acclimatising to life on Earth. As the creator notes, "this game is deeply queer, and is a pretty transparent metaphor for being transgender." 4/5 stars - excellent.

thank you 💛

what does it mean by "ask left?" like...the person to the left of you?

you got it!

okay! thank you, thats for part of the worldbuilding/narrative building at the beginning of the game right? i think i get it now

(1 edit)

In reading through the guide, I’m still a bit lost and missing the concept of some of the key words mentioned as part of the structure: “Roles” are pretty well explained as referencing the four “PC” options, but “Situations”? Are those the “You also play the…” sheets? (if so, some sort of header would be nice on those!)

Are the “Choose one to ask left” questions ones that are intended for that character to “ask the player on your left” to get the conversation/story started, or is there some other context to “ask left”?

The intro has the comment “Some Moves are phrased as questions, in italics”, but I don’t see any Moves on the character sheets that are in italic or seem rhetorical, only ones that literally say “Ask,…” implying you do actually ask it of another player, not just “known to the character (asking the question) innately”?

The Belonging Outside Belonging system is mentioned, but not fully explained; are some of these knowledge gaps of mine indicating that there’s some additional core/base module I need to reference for more context?

Dream Askew/Dream Apart is the origin of the Belonging Outside Belonging system, and explains it probably better than I do!

You’re correct in all your other asks! I apologize for any confusion; as for edits, this project is a little too old for that at this point, but I’ll definitely keep that in mind on my next 💛

Okay, makes sense; even if you don’t edit the actual document itself, editing its description here on Itch to point someone towards a good primer on the Belonging Outside Belonging system might help with a visitor who this is their first introduction to that system?